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Handout Scottish workshop.

  Notes for Scottish T’ai Chi workshop …………. From  Outer to Inner  – Joint and muscle changes.    The mind forms an intention to move, impulses from the nervous system are sent to the muscles, the pressure sensors in the muscles monitor the change, the micro fibres in the muscles change condition, causing the body […]

Intelligent Practice

  Intelligent practice is developing intelligent habits. To learn we need correct information and a systematic approach. Seek help & feedback from skilled practitioners who are capable and willing to explain and demonstrate.   Make your own practice interesting, intriguing, stimulating so that it maintains your curiosity. Develop intention, awareness, structure and perseverance. Listen to […]

Q & A: Suspending of the head top.

Question: The different way of dropping the shoulder blades has an enormous effect on the different knots in my back and my stance and seems like the next evolutionary stage in its development. Also, naturally I’ve heard you describe the different phases of moving the mind in relation to allowing the body to move but […]