T’ai Chi, Hellerwork , Hakomi, Counselling

Understand Others, Change Yourself

What makes us genuinely happy in our lives? 

What is the most important to us? 

How do we seek out what we need to achieve these?


To be happy and fulfilled requires a balanced life.  Self awareness and understanding are the foundation for personal growth. Our body, our emotions and our thinking are the gateways to understanding ourselves.

Through internal investigation we can deepen our understanding of ourselves and find new ways of being that genuinely improve our quality of life physically, mentally, emotionally & spiritually.

Our focus is to help facilitate positive change.

T’ai Chi,  Hellerwork Structural Integration, and Body Centred Psychotherapy each in their own unique way provide a vehicle for a profound personal journey.
Tai Chi

Lineage: …Yang Cheng Fu…Cheng Man Ching… Huang Sheng Shyan…Patrick Kelly…. Our training is designed to effect permanent positive changes in the body and mind that are brought into our every day life.

Hellerwork Structural Integration

Hellerwork is a refined and truly integrative system of bodywork + movement + dialogue designed to rebalance and re-energise the structure and alignment of the whole body.

Body Centred Psychotherapy

Hakomi is based on the idea that much of our everyday suffering is unnecessary and is produced by unconscious beliefs that are irrelevant, untrue or out of date. The method is designed to bring these limiting or wrong ideas into consciousness.