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Hellerwork Structural Integration


The Benefits

Hellerwork is a refined and truly integrative system of bodywork + movement + dialogue designed to rebalance and re-energise the structure and alignment of the whole body.

It is a powerful personal journey.


The Improvements

Hellerwork helps bring lasting relief from pain, tension, stress and trauma. It improves posture and alignment, performance and confidence. Clients experience a greater fluidity and ease of expression and movement.

Hellerwork focuses on rebalancing the entire body returning it to a more aligned, relaxed and youthful state. Physically this therapy teaches people to use their bodies more effectively.

In the upper body it eases , loosens, lengthens and relaxes tight neck , shoulder and lower backs.

As the rib cage is freed, breathing is more effective , leading to increases vigor and energy.

Work on the lower body gives increased stability and fluidity. As the pelvis is freed and tight fascia and muscles released, the legs and feet become straighter , more aligned, able to become stronger and more flexible.

Mindful dialogue enables a deep connection to be established between your thoughts, feelings, beliefs and outlooks, and your body .This enables you to integrate body, mind and spirit, creating new and positive approaches to your life experience.



The Concept

The therapy stems from the concepts of Dr. Ida Rolf, a biochemist, and Joseph Heller, a structural engineer.

The human body is like plastic (70% water) and can be “sculpted” to a more flexible form at any age.

Enveloping organs, bones, and muscle is fascia, a lubricating gel-like connective tissue that enables a full range of movement throughout the body.

This fascia will “stick” tight if part of the body has become immobile or damaged for even a short time, discomfort and loss of flexibility result.  Habits of poor posture,  illness,  injury,  surgery,  occupational demands, and childbearing, as well as emotional and stressful life events,  all contribute to the body looking and feeling tense,  tight, older, less attractive or unhealthy. Tissues through the body tighten to cope with new tensions or traumas.

Without help and hands on body work, these can form into permanent distortions.



The Process

The permanent and on-going changes brought about during the Hellerwork Structural Integration sessions come from a combination of powerful approaches:

1. Bodywork: Adjusts immediately those structural distortions that are restricting your range of movement.

Relieves physical tension and discomfort by using light to deep touch and pressure.

2. Movement Education: Counteracts the human tendency to drift back to the old habitual patterns.

Works with movement to establish a more balanced alignment and movement pattern.

This enables people to apply these more effective patterns to all their activities.

Less constructive movement patterns are replaced by effortless ones.

3. Verbal Dialogue: Allows you to become aware of how your emotions and attitudes impact on your body, and your body on your emotions. Simply becoming aware of deep seated emotional patterns can begin the process of healing and change.




The Experience

Within a 90 minute session there will be about 60 minutes of “hands on ” Bodywork to release tension in the connective tissue, stretching it back to its natural position. the movement program will help you discover easier, fuller ways of moving, and throughout, we will be analysing your particular set of holding and habitual patterns learned unconsciously over your lifetime.


Who is this for?

For people interested in personal growth, optimal health, activity and performance Hellerwork provides a uniquely investigative and insightful opportunity to explore and extend your self understanding and potential,

as the work is designed to heal , rejuvenate and relax is is also ideal for those in pain , experiencing stress and tension , or with chronic injury.

The combination of body work with movement re-education and dialogue is one of the most effective means to produce lasting change.

Everybody of any age and occupation, benefits from Hellerwork. Therapists, performers, sports enthusiasts and martial artists find it particularly helpful, as do those in more sedentary occupations.

Hellerwork leaves you invigorated, energised, lighter and more supple; transformed on many levels of life physically, mentally and emotionally.



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Hellerwork 90 minute sessions £70


Counselling 60 minute session £40


48hr Cancellation required

Student and concessionary rates available